Women Skinny Jeans - 38897

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Details: sports-style side strips, blue rhinestone chain, personalized graphite metal trims on the piece, heart visor, special dyeing, belt loops and removable cup.

Red color

Model wears: Size 4

Size indication: Skinny modeling, buy a number above if you want more comfort.

Composition: 90% Cotton, 7% Polyester and 3% Elastane
Closure: with front zipper and graphite buttons.

Care in washing Do not use hot water in the washing process, do not use chlorine, wash only with mild soap, dry the shade.

Note: The jeans can vary in tone in the images depending on the canvas you are using, as it is an external photo and a studio photo!
$114.90 USD $71.33 USD
$71.33 USD
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