Sexy dress with logomania - 59984

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$72.90 USD
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The sexy dress with logomania is that model full of personality, perfect style for a sensual look and that values ??the body like no other! With a perfect fit and fabric with high elasticity, it enhances and highlights curves more while providing greater comfort and taking the unique and personalized design of Pit Bull Jeans.

Details: fitted dress in soft knit with spandex for comfort, personalized logo on the sides and straps, heart neckline with fixed cup and braided back.
Color: available in black and pink.
Model wears: Size S, tight fit.
Length: 95 cm
Composition: 87.09% Polyamide and 12.91% Elastane.

Washing precautions: Do not use hot water in the washing process, do not use chlorine, wash only with neutral soap, don't let it dry in solar heat.
Note: The color may vary from tonality in the images depending on the screen you are using, as it is an outdoor photo and a studio photoshot.

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