Men's T-shirt O-neck - 59971

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$40.90 USD
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Men's T-shirt O-neck

The men's collar O shirt is practical and easy to use, in addition to being the perfect option for days and nights, ensuring a casual and comfortable look. Perfect for the modern man who likes to be up to date with fashion: stylish, laid-back and fits in all types of bodies, styles and occasions, bringing the value of practicality as a characteristic.

Details: men's collar O shirt with black details, personalization of Pit Bull Jeans logomania in silk, produced in mesh with high elasticity providing greater comfort, straight modeling that follows the body and short sleeves.
Color: Available in red and black or blend and black variations.
Model wears: Size S.
Length: 81 cm - (Each size has a range of 0.5cm to 1.0cm)
Size Indication: Straight modeling, we advise you to choose the size you usually use.
Composition: 93% Viscose and 7% Elastane.

Washing precautions: Do not use hot water in the washing process, do not use chlorine, wash only with neutral soap, don't let it dry in solar heat.
Note: The color may vary from tonality in the images depending on the screen you are using, as it is an outdoor photo and a studio photoshot.

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